Why Hire a Primal Health Coach for a Weight Loss Diet?

Why Hire a Primal Health Coach for a Weight Loss Diet?

Why would you want to hire a Primal Health Coach for a weight loss diet?



Because magazine covers are ridiculous.




They promise results that are not only unattainable to most... they also ensure that the client continues to spend money for many years to come.


"7 Days to your Dream Body"


"6 Weeks to a Washboard Stomach"


"Lose Weight Fast, with a Juice Cleanse"


"Get fit Quick by Playing the Drums"


The sad thing is, that these do little for most people, and less long term.



The secret is: The companies behind these plans have the potential to help you lose weight fast, although less than half of their clients actually do. Many times, it comes with a tremendous loss of muscle. Almost 100% of the time, these plans lead to "Yo-Yo" dieting, where each time the weight comes back, there is more of it, and it is harder to lose.



Sustainable coaching is a bit more difficult for most coaches and trainers.



Primal Health Coaches actually have to learn something other than how to sell a shake, pill, or other product.



They have to learn coaching, and not product sales.



Sustainable coaching, is a method that teaches a client HOW to live a long-term, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. It isn't based on a meal-plan, or an exercise plan, although those are often included.



We prefer to use a paleo diet approach, but that doesn't necessarily mean a low-carb, or keto diet, or even a high-protein diet.



A paleo diet means eating in a way that our bodies are made to eat, exercising in a way that our bodies are made to exercise, and enjoying life in the way that we are meant to enjoy life!



Sure, you can spend 3 hours a day, 7 days a week working out, and you will likely have a very strong beautiful body. Just look at the bodies of those who do! They prep all of their meals in bags and containers and eat the same dry chicken breast and broccoli 7 days a week.


This works really well for those who are making a career out of being fit, but how about the rest of us?



What happens when we decide to further our education, start a family, land a dream job... or the very worst happens, and we get injured?



You know the answer. We can only go full-bore for so long.



Sustainable coaches teach their clients how to eat right for their individuality, exercise right for their individuality, and truly... how to LIVE right for their individuality.


We celebrate the sovereignty of our clients human-ness, and cater to their needs specifically, enabling them to make the correct decisions for the rest of their lives, and empowering them to do so successfully!



If you are ready to make a sustainable change, click here to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation with us!



If you are ready to get started now, and have your phone consultation later, click here to start training with us online!

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