New Day's Resolution: No Time Like the Present

New Day's Resolution: No Time Like the Present

February 13, 2016

It's almost two weeks into February, and the traffic at the local gym has died down to close to it's usual pace. The same people that have been showing up at the same time of day, and same day of the week, for years, are still there, sharing in idle banter as they always do and for the forseeable future will continue to do.


What's missing are the throngs of people with such great intentions to do so well for themselves this year. There may be a couple of new faces left from all of the well thought out New Year's Resolutions that people made by the hundreds of thousands, stating: "This is the year. I (or we) are going to turn it around, just as soon as that ball drops in Time's Square, and the champaign runs dry."


As people, at least myself and others that I have known (I of course cannot speak for all people), we tend to rely on goals with a defined start time; Monday morning, next Monday, the Monday following the day two weeks from today, or New Year's Day. But when we do this, we are not only living in the future, but we have set an acceptable, repeatable timetable for our future attempts, "just in case" this attempt fails


If this attempt fails, then what? Do we wait 'til next Monday? Do we wait 'til next January?!! Will we have the motivation and the gumption to plan to do it again next Monday? Probably not. It may be a long time before we find the inspiration to stop doing what we are doing, start doing what we haven't been, or a degree of a combination of both.


The solution? Don't wait. Don't make a big plan. DO IT NOW! That's right... The very second the inspiration hits you, grab that motivation by the horns and move! Whether you see an ad on TV (even if it's an add for toilet paper) where there are fit, healthy, impossibly beautiful people having a great time, or are suddenly hit with a memory of how much fun it was to be outside in the sun, with the wind in your hair, USE IT! If all you do is go outside and get some fresh air, it's a start. If you go for a walk, it's a bonus. If it's too cold to go outside, and you throw on your cargo shorts, a pair of old Nikes, and a beat up tee, and head to the gym, you have just lived a moment as my hero/heroine. If you do ten push-ups, ten sit-ups, and ten body weight squats, and get back to watching toilet paper comercials, you will feel ten times better, and fifty times better about yourself. While your thinking about whatever you just did to make yourself feel good, it is that much easier to plan your next move.


If you need help, there are people like myself (shameless self promotion), that specialize in making exercise fun, effective, and repeatable. I personally specialize in creating an optimal food situation (I cringe at the D word, as so many fad diets and pyramid managed "nutrition" schemes are destined to fail), and providing up to the date as well as accurate nutrition information, as well as workouts that strengthen previously injured and chronically painful human anatomy. If you live in or near the north Denver, Thornton, Northglenn, Brighton, or Broomfield area in Colorado, text me, or send me an email. My information is on I train out of Core Progression Elite Personal Trainers gym in Northglenn, or I can come to you. If you live in an apartment, I can usually train you at your fitness center, or if you have equipment, I can come to your home. I'm always available to talk about nutrition, as it is my true passsion. Easy Peasy.


If you need motivation, knowledge, skill, accountablility, and results, it surely doesn't have to be from me (although I would love the oportunity), but make sure you get the support that you need. If you can do it on your own (and those of you that can already know the answer to that), then make sure that you surround yourself with only people who support your efforts, and DO IT NOW! If not now, then soon. Please do not wait for January 1, and for the sake of everything good in your life, don't wait for Monday!


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