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Qigong/Tai Chi

​"Qi" (pronounced "Chee"), is the Chinese word which is closest translated to "Energy". The Japanese call it "Ki" (AiKido, and the current trend that is sweeping the nation, of reiKi), and in India, the Yogi's refer to it as "Prana". Qi is the energetic root of TaiJi (Tai Chi), Kung Fu (yes all of your favorite martial arts movie actors know Kung Fu and QiGong, and likely TaiJi as well), as well as being the basis for acupuncture and all of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Both guided meditation and solitary mindfulness meditations have far too many benefits to list. Here are some of the highly validated benefits of a regular Qigong Practice (Source: Eric Imbody, an outstanding Qigong instructor in Denver, CO):

  • Reduces symptoms of depression (30 studies)

  • Reduces high blood pressure

  • Improves blood flow to the brain, hands, and feet

  • Lowers the risk factors in stroke (36 studies)

  • Improves cardiac (heart function) efficiency

  • Reduces incidences of "Type A" behaviors (irritability, aggression, and frequent feelings of time-pressure) considered risk factors for heart disease

  • Less reactivity to stressful events

  • Increases ability to enter Alpha and Theta brain states at will (meditative bra

  • Improves lung capacity and function

  • Increases exercise capacity with COPD patients

  • Reduces Asthma attacks

  • Reduces pain and growth rates for operable cancers

  • Lowers fatigue and cortisol levels 

  • Improves immunity and quality of life in cancer patients 

  • Improves hearing, vision, and ability to work

  • Enhances cognitive functioning

  • Reduces falls in seniors

  • Significant improvement in motor functioning and balance for those with Parkinson's Disease 

  • Increases levels of enzymes which protect cells from free radicals

  • Increases endorphin levels

  • increases DHEA levels

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