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NLP and MER® - Our Keys to the Unconscious Mind

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the method that we can use to directly access our unconscious mind.

NLP is taken from the practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and allows us to reprogram our unconscious minds... while we are still fully aware of our surroundings and full aware of what exactly is being done to help our situation.

When we can achieve a state of consciousness that allows us to use our conscious mind (our cognitive mind) to "rewrite" our own instruction manual, everything seems possible, and almost anything certainly is!

Whether we wish to change a belief about something or somebody that no longer serves us, change a behavior pattern that is slowing us down, function with more clarity and focus, as well as drive and motivation, leave a phobia, or just generally improve our odds of being successful at anything we wish to attempt... NLP gives us that advantage!

Emotions are a part of life. It is a good thing that we have them, as they are a barometer as to what is happening in our personal version of reality.


However, when they become excessive, or unhealthy reactions to normal circumstances, they become what is known as "baggage". 


Mental Emotional Release® (MER®) is a method of NLP that allows us to release any unhealthy or excessive emotions that may have built up over time. We get to release our baggage, so that we can see the world with eyes wide open.

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