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What is Trifecta Method Coaching?



Find Your Balance




Trifecta: a combination of the words “Three” (Tri) and “Perfect” (Perfecta). It is used to designate a triad of three perfect and balanced Methods. (see definition below).



Method: a repeatable and particular procedure or approach, used again and again. A procedure which creates a desired outcome or group of outcomes. 



Coaching: the act of giving, teaching, training, or advising, in a group or in private. Transmission of knowledge that wouldn't be easy to find any other way. This knowledge could be academic, personal, anecdotal, ancient or mainstream. It carries the intent and focus of bringing a desirable change or outcome to others. 



Trifecta Method Coaching utilizes a functional and integrative approach in helping our clients. We use cutting-edge, and evidence-based nutrition, fitness, and mind-body techniques. 



Our human bodies have not evolved far from the Primal beings that our ancestors were. We were capable of feats of incredible physical prowess and survival. We accepted the intuitive practices that ensured our evolution. Trifecta Method Coaching know that the right to feel strong and powerful belongs to every person. We know this should be in your life right now. It is our understanding that this wisdom should extend to the very end of your life. We believe that living life and aging gracefully should be a powerful experience. 



We have gathered a terrific amount of knowledge of Primal Nutrition and Nutrition therapy. We have paired mainstream sports nutrition with functional medicine. We use a new, evidence-based model of human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. We apply this knowledge to you as a person. We guide you to finding the best and most sustainable combination of nutrients to empower your health. You may release your need for needless medical treatment. It is the goal of your coach that you create mental clarity. This and an optimal physical body are your birthrights as a human. Nutrition is the first line of medicine... and it can seem like magic.



We use our education, and personal experiences with physical exercise. We bring our client's workouts using perfect human movements. These movements, designed by nature itself compliment most physical conditions. We experienced and certified in post-therapy orthopedic exercise. We can help you on your journey to become strong, either again, or for the first time. 


At Trifecta Method Coaching, we know that our minds have enormous plasticity. We know that the mind is capable of being conditioned to work to our benefit. Using our coaching skills, our specialized goal setting techniques, we help you to bring forth the changes that you desire. 


We are masters of neuro-linguistics, Qigong exercises and moving meditations. We are instructors of Qigong meditation, and common meditation techniques. We use these techniques to expose the Empowered Mind that exists in all of us. We use these techniques to put that mind to work for you. We help you to create the changes that you want in your health, your Self, and your life experience. 


This information is being provided to you for educational and informational 
purposes only. It is being provided to you to educate you about Nutrition, Fitness, Mind-Body Medicine, and personal health, and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not medical advice, and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition, nor is is meant to provide or prescribe medical advice. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.  
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